Thwak E-Commerce & E-Retail: The road ahead

Thwak has grown from the ground up specialising in E-Commerce and E-Retail technologies. Thwak aims to accelerate business by taking advantage of available technologies to enhance the overall experience for both your employees and your customer base. The Thwak E-Retail system is the first system that has been specifically built from the ground up for retailers, and its intention is to use technology to get customers into the shops. With the ever growing internet market, and the seemingly endless supply of data and various technologies to support it, Thwak has made a clear and simple goal to provide as many of these services through a simple and easy to use interface.

Thwak Market Places are on the forefront of our technologies; these market places are completely run and managed by us, so that you don't need any technical expertise, leaving you and your staff to do what they do best. The Managed Market Places are just the first step in an enormous and expansive range of products and services that will all integrate and interrelate. Thwak has the aim to integrating its products and services to entire shopping centres, cities and even nations. By supplying this exceptional service at an unbeatably low price, how can you afford not to be with us? Call our sales team now to arrange a free demonstration and presentation on how we can help your shop, shopping centre or even council promote excellence in consumer distribution; our number is easy, 1300 7 999 08.

Current System Features:
Personal Shop Web & Mobile Portal
Centre & Local Area Web & Mobile Portal
Easy-to-use Online Management Portal (Manages your Websites, Mobile Sites and every other service that we will offer)

Upcoming Services:
Point Of Sales Software - ETA: 10 September 2007
Inventory Management System - ETA: 6 October 2007